Announcement: Solstheim 4E is now Northpoint!

As some of you are aware Solstheim 4E has been on hiatus since the (unofficial) announcement of the new official Solstheim based DLC.

During this time I have worked towards transferring all salvageable assets into the new incarnation of the project, so I am happy to announce:


- Set on the stubby northern peninsula of High Rock.
- Utilising Morcroft's heightmap.
- A cold, wet landscape compromising highlands, fells and moors.
- A Breton kingdom inspired by Northumbria and Scotland.
- Interesting plague-based storylines.

While Northpoint is co-ordinating with and included within Deeza's High Rock project, it is still it's own autonomous venture - very much like the Kingdoms of High Rock.

The project forums can still be found on Dark Creations but in a new area located here: http://www.darkcreat...eltheric-coast/


  1. Damnit. As soon as I saw the DLC announcment I had to check what was up with solstheim 4e, and I guess my fear was justified :| I was kind of hoping that you guys would continue with your version, although I absolutly understand why you wont. It´s just that your first trailer looked so damn good, with the cliffs and the mushrooms and everything :) Although I personally think high rock is not as exciting as the mix of skyrim and morrowind that your solstheim had, I wish you good luck and I still am looking forward to what you may come up with, I´m sure it will be fantastic!

  2. Wow, I was just coming back to report on how much fun i was exploring your DLC... you my friend are talented, do keep it up! Took me hours to explore it all, soooo fun! Glad you have decided to focus your attention towards High Rock. Will keep popping by for updates :D

  3. Thanks guys! Glad you liked it Gus, knowing a few people explored the island and enjoyed it makes it worth it.

  4. Explored Solstheim again today, installed Jasmin ENB and automatic variants for some screen shots... :D

  5. Might sound a daft question but now have esp enabled with bsa in the data folder how do I start? Is there a boat or is there something am missing?

  6. Open the command console and type: "coc iadunoleenmar"

  7. Would you consider adding the Oleen Mar town you created to Solstheim when the dlc is released? Bethesda ignored the town and it's a shame
    to discard what you made with the unique buildings and such