Blog Moved!

It's been a while since my last update due to a few discussions with old modding friends.  The result of which is a move to a new blog!

Updates for Northpoint, Hircine's Hunting Grounds and future projects can now be located here:

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Announcement: Solstheim 4E is now Northpoint!

As some of you are aware Solstheim 4E has been on hiatus since the (unofficial) announcement of the new official Solstheim based DLC.

During this time I have worked towards transferring all salvageable assets into the new incarnation of the project, so I am happy to announce:


- Set on the stubby northern peninsula of High Rock.
- Utilising Morcroft's heightmap.
- A cold, wet landscape compromising highlands, fells and moors.
- A Breton kingdom inspired by Northumbria and Scotland.
- Interesting plague-based storylines.

While Northpoint is co-ordinating with and included within Deeza's High Rock project, it is still it's own autonomous venture - very much like the Kingdoms of High Rock.

The project forums can still be found on Dark Creations but in a new area located here: http://www.darkcreat...eltheric-coast/


News: Dungeons Underway

Following the completion of the landmass and the alpha test that followed I've made a lot of headway with dungeon building.  To make up for the lack of eye-candy recently here are a few screenshots - more to follow in the coming weeks:



Kolbjorn Barrow

Jolgeirr Barrow


Announcement: Trailer 02

GKalian has once again created another lovely trailer for Solstheim 4E showing off work from the second landscape alpha test.   You can view his latest addition right here:


Announcement: Alpha Testing 02

My second internal landscape alpha testing is underway, if you are a member of Dark Creations you can help me by finding and looking for landscape bugs here:


Preliminary reports are looking good but I am never one to turn down more alpha testers and bug spotters!

I am moving on to interior level designing now so if you are a level designer, modeller or texturer I could always use the extra help!